Retro-League — Season 3 (1957-58)

For this season I have changed the league to a 16-team league using LOGacta to play out the results. My plan is to continue with this as first of all I have found a wish, during these locked down times, to rekindle my acquaintance with the original LOGacta game. Also, the seasons are quite quick and easy to complete, so it should motivate me to do more of these in the future.

So, as I say I have decided to use LOGacta rule as far as possible, with a few variations. Firstly, I use ratings based on the positions in the real life league for the first 8 match sets, as this provides a link to the real situation at that time. After that it is points for ratings, as per the original game. Also, I am doing a League Cup (FL Cup), even though the real one did not begin until 1960-61. The cups start at the 32-team rounds, as in the original LOGacta. At present the only European competition I am doing is the European Cup, but from the Round of 32, unlike in the original game which started at the Round of 16. I plan to add the UEFA Cup in the appropriate season in future, but I will probably not bother with the Cup-winners' Cup.

So, I have completed this third season and the league champions were Preston North End. As they finished second in the real life season being modelled, this is not a bad simulation at all. The FA Cup saw a shock win by minnows Grimsby Town from the Second Division, who defeated Chelsea 2—0 in the final. The FL Cup was won by Burnley against Huddersfield Town from the Second Division. Real Madrid won the European Cup for the third time in succession, their opponents in the final being Tottenham Hotspur, who qualified by winning last season's Retro-League.

Cardiff City, Manchester United and Leeds United will be replaced by Bolton Wanderers, West Ham United and Birmingham City for Season 4.

Super League Table

3WEST BROM3015784038237
7LUTON TOWN30145114442233
8MANCHESTER CITY30111095351232
11SHEFFIELD WED30106144958-926
12ASTON VILLA3089133653-1725
14CARDIFF CITY3085174359-1621
15MANCHESTER UTD3085173155-2421
16LEEDS UTD3066183554-1918

Super League Results

Aston Villa0—23—20—04—11—11—10—00—41—03—20—13—22—01—32—3
Cardiff City2—33—01—10—10—14—02—31—42—11—20—12—32—21—01—1
Leeds Utd2—10—13—20—04—30—14—03—13—32—31—10—20—10—11—3
Luton Town4—10—00—20—11—10—32—03—01—12—10—00—12—10—32—1
Manchester City2—23—22—23—22—03—34—21—02—34—21—43—22—20—13—0
Manchester Utd2—01—12—13—20—31—20—21—02—00—00—41—10—21—20—2
Sheffield Wed0—24—13—31—40—32—31—11—03—01—20—02—32—13—32—1
West Brom0—04—11—30—22—11—01—02—03—21—01—11—30—21—14—3

FL Cup

Final: Burnley 4—1 Huddersfield Town

FA Cup

Final: Grimsby Town 2—0 Chelsea


Final: Real Madrid 4—3 Tottenham Hotspur


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