Retro-League — Pilot Season (1955-56)

The Pilot Season of the Retro-League was played with the top 20 clubs from the Football League Division One in 1955-56 and was played according to LOGacta rules, except that the first eight matchdays were played using ratings based on the club's position in the league table in real life. The system used was that teams were rated according to their league position in the season concerned, i.e. 1955-56. The 20 teams were divided into 5 rating groups of 4 teams each, i.e. 1-4 rated '1', 5-8 rated '2', etc. These ratings applied for the first 10 matches of the season. From match 11 to match 24, points were used for ratings, as per the normal LOGacta system. From match 25 to the end of the season, the teams were rated in 5 groups of 4, as at the start of the season, except that the ratings used were based on the league positions after matchday 24 of the season.

The only cup competitions played were the Retro-Cup, the equivalent of the F.A. Cup from the Third Round stage, and the European Cup, comprising the 16 teams that took part in the first European Cup in 1955-56.

The league table and the results from all of the competitions are shown below.

League Table

2Manchester City382441079431.83752
3Manchester United38218972431.67450
4Bolton Wanderers381615757371.54147
6Birmingham City3815131069581.19043
7Wolverhampton W381771467551.21841
8Luton Town3815111263551.14541
9Newcastle United3814131160551.09141
13Cardiff City381381746540.85234
14Preston North End3811121544540.81534
16Charlton Ath381082055740.74328
17West Bromwich Alb381072137680.54427
18Aston Villa381062246740.62226
20Tottenham H38682435730.47920

League Results

Aston Villa1—10—41—20—12—04—11—20—21—23—32—11—20—20—22—00—44—23—21—4
Birmingham City0—33—10—01—13—30—00—15—24—13—30—33—01—12—01—12—32—12—12—2
Bolton Wanderers4—10—04—01—01—12—10—11—14—01—10—10—02—30—11—11—22—11—14—1
Cardiff City0—23—21—11—21—20—31—12—32—03—00—12—32—02—10—02—12—00—12—0
Charlton Ath2—24—13—41—20—02—41—31—32—21—41—50—13—33—13—22—04—03—02—3
Luton Town2—22—13—24—30—11—02—21—00—14—10—21—32—23—14—01—21—00—21—1
Manchester City3—12—04—11—24—03—20—16—24—20—15—23—20—31—02—21—44—01—00—2
Manchester United0—12—01—33—11—22—21—10—04—13—11—01—14—01—11—02—32—05—11—0
Newcastle United1—23—12—23—31—23—25—01—11—11—21—11—02—11—22—11—14—12—02—2
Preston North End1—12—31—10—11—10—11—01—02—13—02—20—20—30—12—12—30—02—23—3
Tottenham H3—12—03—12—31—11—11—12—01—20—20—30—00—40—11—30—30—10—01—2
West Bromwich Alb1—21—10—32—22—41—41—23—12—10—11—10—10—32—00—20—10—31—00—2
Wolverhampton W3—11—21—32—10—22—33—14—13—22—00—21—33—41—03—31—21—11—00—1


The first Retro-Cup final was contested, ironically, between the bottom two clubs in league, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur. The trophy was won by Tottenham with a 3—0 victory over the Merseysiders.

Retro European Cup

The first retro European Cup was won, appropriately enough, by Real Madrid, who beat AGF Aarhus from Denmark 1—0 in the final. Madrid defeated Anderlecht (9—3 on aggregate), PSV Eindhoven (5—2) and Hibernian (4—1) on their way to the final. Aarhus were the surprise package with unexpected victories over Milan (2—1 in a replay), Sporting Lisbon (2—1) and Stade de Reims (3—1).

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