The Retro-League

The Retro-League is an experimental dice league that was originally intended to use LOGacta rules, but with a 20-team league instead of 16. The first season would be based on the 1955-56 season of the Football League in real life, with intial ratings based on the final positions in that season. However, in Season 2 this will change, and the league will comprise the 22 clubs that took part in the Football League Division One in the appropriate season. Ratings used will be based on the clubs' goals for and against records, producing attack and defence ratings that may change during the season based upon injuries, suspensions etc. There will be no relegation as ssuch as the teams used will be those that were in the First Division in the particular season being modelled. Effectively, the relegated clubs will be those that were relegated in real life in that season.

The first season, as mentioned above, was played with 20 clubs and using LOGacta rules and dice values, modelled on the 1955-56 season. Season 2 will be based on season 1955-56, but using a 22-team league and the Attack vs Defence style of ratings. Results will come from goal cards based on the throw of two dice, giving first and second half scores. Also, there will be no "form", but ratings can change according to injuries, suspensions etc.

Initially, the only cup competitions will be the Retro-Cup and the European Cup, but others may be added as they were in real life in the appropriate seasons. The Retro-Cup will be based on the F.A. Cup from the Third Round stage, with 64 teams comprising 22 1st Dvision teams (11 rated '1' and 11 rated '2'), 22 2nd Division teams (11 rated '3' and 11 rated '4'), 10 3rd Dvision teams (rated '5'), 6 4th Division teams (rated '6') and 4 non-league teams (also rated '6'). For the three seasons in which the old 3rd Divisions North and South existed, there will be 8 teams from each, the top 5 being rated '5' and the other 3 rated '6'.

The European Cup will, initally, comprise the teams that actually took part in it in the season being modelled, but the English participants may be replaced by the winners of the previous season's Retro-League.

The details of each season of the league are available at the links below.

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