Overview of Allocations

Great Britain - Initial Allocations

The following table records the issue of single, double and three letter combinations by the various authorities. It should be realised that not all combinations were issued ARS, AWC for example. Certain large users; Government, War Office, Post Office were allocated large blocks which were still being filled over several years. The "last issue" is the last normal issue and does not take into account re-registrations, special advance issues, etc. If the final number issued is not known, this is credited as "999" or "9999". Marks shown in italics are reversed issues.

Authority Combinations issued Final marks used

England & Wales
Anglesey CCEYPEY 112
Barnsley CBCHEYHE 999, 6710 HE
Barrow-in-Furness CBCEOMEO 274
Bedfordshire CCBM, MJ, NM, TM65 RBM
Berkshire CCBL, JB, MO, RX344 GBL
Birkenhead CBCBG, CMSCM 966
Birmingham CBCO, OA, OB, OC, OE, OF, OG, OH, OJ, OK, OL, OM, ON, OP, OV, OX, VP555 NOJ
Blackburn CBCBV, CBSCB 950
Blackpool CBCFR, FV
(*= Blackpool only issued "FR" in "reversed" format)
637 JFR*
Bolton CBCBN, WHYWH 600
Bootle CBCEMDEM 11
Bournemouth CBCEL, LJ, RU670 CLJ
Bradford CBCAK, KU, KW, KYYKY 999, KW, 1166 KY
Breconshire CCEUPEU 511
Brighton CBCCD, UF812 FCD
Bristol CBCAE, HT, HU, HW, HY408 YAE
Buckinghamshire CCBH, KX, PP999 YPP, BH, KX, 6200 PP
Burnley CBCCW, HGRCW 471
Burton-on-Trent CBCFAUFA 718
Caernarvonshire CCCC, JCOJC 362
Cambridgeshire CCCE, ER, VE7 EVE
Canterbury CBCFN, JGYJG 999, FN, 1473 JG
Cardiff CBCBO, KG, UH866 FKG
Cardiganshire CCEJSEJ 726
Carlisle CBCHHYHH 820
Carmarthenshire CCBX, TH820 FBX
Chester CBCFM999 YFM, 8417 FM
Cheshire CCM, LG, MA, MB, TU999 YTU, LG, 5742 TU
Cornwall CCAF, CV, RL983 WRL
Coventry CBCDU, HP, KV, RW, VC, WK999 CWK, 9352 KV
Croydon CBCBY, OY, RK, VB999 EOY
Cumberland CCAO, RM826 MRM
Darlington CBCHN122 YHN
Denbighshire CCCA, UN530 BCA
Derby CBCCH, RC672 FCH
Derbyshire CCR, NU, RA, RB 999 YRB, R, NU, 1001-3493 RA
Devon CCT, DV, OD, TA, TT, UO240 TOD
Dewsbury CBCHDLHD 750
Doncaster CBCDT400 RDT
Dorset CCFX*, JT, PR, TK
(*= FX replaced BF, the originally allocated Dorset mark)
VTK 500
Dudley CBCFD581 EFD
Durham CCJ, PT, UP751 MUP
Eastbourne CBCHC, JKMJK 46
East Ham CBCHM, HVYHV 355
East Suffolk CCBJ, RT349 WBJ
East Sussex CCAP, NJ, PM, PNYPN 999, 1001-9042 AP
East Yorks CCBT, WF839 CBT
Essex CCF, EV, HK, NO, OO, PU, TW, VW, VX, WC
(OO and WC were allocated to Essex after normal issues were completed)
Exeter CBCFJ200 JFJ
FlintshireDM88 JDM
Gateshead CBCCNSCN 56
Glamorgan CCL, NY, TG, TX955 XTX
Gloucester CBCFH286 FFH
Gloucestershire CCAD, DD, DF*, DG
(*= DF first allocated to Northampton CBC)
999 BDD, 1-4510 DG
Great Yarmouth CBCEXKEX 712
Grimsby CBCEE, JVYJV 800
Halifax CBCCP, JXUCP 24
Hampshire CC
(Officially Southampton CC until 1959)
Hastings CBCDYVDY 479
Herefordshire CCCJ, VJ127 EVJ
Hertfordshire CCAR, JH, NK, RO, UR999 WJH
Huddersfield CBCCX, VHYVH 900
Huntingdonshire CCEW749 MEW
Ipswich CBCDX, PVUPV 894
Isle of Ely CCEB, JERJE 6
Isle of Wight CCDL522 CDL
Kent CCD, KE, KJ, KK, KL, KM, KN, KO, KP, KR, KT999 YKT, KM, KO, KP, KR, 1-5700 D
Kingston-upon-Hull CBCAT, KH, RH909 HKH
Lancashire CCB, TB, TC, TD, TE, TF, TJ999 YTJ, TD, TE, TF, 1-9700 TJ
Leeds CBCU, NW, UA, UB, UG, UM250 LUG
Leicester CBCBC, JF, RY601 HRY
Leicestershire CCAY, JU, NR, UT537 EUT
Lincoln CBCFE, VLXVL 280
Lincs CC - HollandDO, JLYJL 970
Lincs CC - KestevenCT, TLYTL 783
Lincs CC - LindseyBE, FU, FW424 HFU
Liverpool CBCK, KA, KB, KC, KD, KF, LV541 JKB
London CCA, GC, GF, GH, GJ, GK, GN, GO, GP, GT, GU, GW, GX, GY, JJ, LA, LB, LC, LD,LE, LF, LH, LK, LL, LM, LN, LO, LP, LR, LT, LU, LW, LX, LY, UC, UL, UU, UV, UW, XA, XB, XC, XD, XE, XF, XH, XK, XL, XM, XN, XO, XP, XR, XT, XU,XV, XW, XX, XY, YE, YF, YH, YK, YL, YM, YN, YO, YP, YR, YT, YU, YV, YW, YX, YY
(Q series for temporary imports)
999 HYH
Manchester CBCN, NA, NB, NC, ND, NE, NF, VM, VR, VU, XJ1-5603 XJ
Merionethshire CCFFHFF 916
Merthyr Tydfil CBCHBEHB 383
Middlesbrough CBCDC, XGSXG 832
Middlesex CCH, HX, MC, MD, ME, MF, MG, MH, MK, ML
(NMC etc not issued originally, used last)
999 YMY, HX-MY,
NMC-NMY, 1 NMC - 999 NMY
Monmouthshire CCAX, WO997 JWO
Montgomery CCEPTEP 654
Newcastle-upon-Tyne CBCBB, TN, VK812 XBB
Newport (Monmouth) CBCDW999 BDW, 501-5317 DW
Norfolk CCAH, NG, PW, VF35 EPW
Northampton CBCDF*, NH, VV
(*= DF originally allocated, replaced by NH in 1905)
TVV 757
Northamptonshire CCBD, NV, RP375 GNV
Northumberland CCX, JR, NL, TYYJR 850
North Yorks CCAJ, PY, VN281 HAJ
Norwich CBCCL, VGYVG 130
Nottingham CBCAU, TO, TV422 UTO
Nottinghamshire CCAL, NN, RR, VO257 YNN
Oldham CBCBU167 KBU
Oxford CBCFC, JO, WL850 VWL
Oxfordshire CCBW, UDYUD 800
Pembrokeshire CCDE324 YDE
Plymouth CBCCO, DR*, JY
YJY 999
Portsmouth CBCBK, RV, TP870 DRV
Preston CBCCK, RNVCK 530
Radnorshire CCFOEFO 543
Reading CBCDP, RDYRD 999, DP, 1-2113 RD
Rochdale CBCDK999 ADK, 201-7633 DK
Rotherham CBCET999 BET, 1000-8407 ET
Rutland CCFPDFP 136
Saint Helens CBCDJXDJ 280
Salford CBCBA, RJYRJ 899
Sheffield CBCW, WA, WB, WE, WJ345 JWB
Shropshire CCAW, NT, UJ, UXAW, 501-4757 NT
Soke of Peterborough CCEG, FLUFL 639
Somerset CCY, YA, YB, YC, YD46 YYC
Southampton CBCCR, OW, TR208 HTR
Southend-on-Sea CBCHJ, JN999 BHJ, 1000-4938 JN
Southport CBCFY, WMYWM 757
South Shields CBCCUNCU 125
Staffordshire CCE, BF*, RE, RF
(*= BF originally Dorset, CBF 1 onwards for Staffordshire)
(CBF etc. issued after completion of 9999 RE)
999 YRF, H, RE, RF, CBF-YBF, CBF-999 YBF
Stockport CBCDB, JAYJA 999
Stoke-on-Trent CBCEH*, VT
(*= EH originally Hanley CBC until 1910)
999 YVT, VT, 1-8975 EH
Sunderland CBCBR, GRYBR 319
Surrey CCP, PA, PB, PC, PD, PE, PF, PG, PH, PJ, PK, PL999 YPL, PL, PK, PJ, PH, PG, PF, 1-8000 PE
Swansea CBCCY, WN950 JCY
Tynemouth CBCFTKFT 333
Wakefield CBCHLYHL 999, 1001-4151 HL
Wallasey CBCHFOHF 836
Walsall CBCDH999 WDH, 1001-5860 DH
Warley CBC
(Smethwick CBC until 1966)
HA999 SHA, 501-9719 HA
Warrington CBCED101-8790 ED, 999 AED
Warwickshire CCAC, NX, UE, WD247 LNX
West Bromwich CBCEA97 UEA
West Ham CBCAN, JD459 EAN
West Hartlepool CBCEFREF 539
Westmorland CCEC, JMMJM 180
West Suffolk CCCF, GVYGV 976
West Sussex CCBP, PO, PX670 PBP
West Yorkshire CCC, WR, WT, WU, WW, WX, WY, YG58 HWR
Wigan CBCEK, JPLJP 578
Wiltshire CCAM, HR, MR, MW, WV277 EMW
Wolverhampton CBCDA, JW, UK92 GDA
Worcester CBCFK975 YFK, 1-5000 FK
Worcestershire CCAB, NP, UY, WP520 MUY
York CBCDN, VY999 BVY, 1-3000 VY

Aberdeen BCRG, RSWRS 322
Aberdeen CCAV, SAYSA 981
Angus CC
(Forfarshire CC until 1928)
SRYSR 999, 501-8576 SR
Argyll CCSBNSB 99
Ayrshire CCAG, CS, SDYSD 259
Banffshire CCSEHSE 900
Berwickshire CCSHKSH 638
Bute CCSJSJ 2860
Caithness CCSKASK 871
Clackmannanshire CCSLSL 2860
Dumfries CCSM344 FSM
Dunbartonshire CCSNVSN 555
Dundee BCTS, YJ*
(YJ issued when marks were running out - only Scottish mark without a G, S or V)
STS 126
East Lothian CC
(Haddingtonshire CC until 1921)
Edinburgh BCS, FS, SC, SF, SG, WS*, QS*
(*= Leith BC (WS 1-520), absorbed by Edinburgh BC in 1920)
(*= QS for temporary imports)
YWS 999, SF, SC, 1-415 FS
Fife CCFG, SPYFG 999, SP, 1-7918 FG
Glasgow BCG, GA, GB, GD, GE, GG, US*, YS*
(*= US Govan BC (US 1-529) until 1912)
(*= YS Partick BC (YS 1-39) until 1912)
344 KGE
Greenock BCVSEVS 999*
(*= Higher numbers in this series were issued with a "B" suffix)
Inverness CCSTYST 219
Kincardine CCSUBSU 686
Kinross CCSVSV 3722
Kirkcudbright CCSWGSW 474
LanarkVA, VD44 KVA
Midlothian CCSYNSY 175
Morayshire CC
(Elginshire CC until 1919)
Motherwell & Wishaw BCGMFGM 950
Nairn CCASAS 4097
Orkney CCBSBS 7777
Paisley BCXSJXS 600
Peebles CCDSDS 6396
Perthshire CCES, GSVCS 575
Renfrewshire CCHSYHS 964
Ross & Cromarty CCJSNJS 333
Roxburgh CCKSSKS 12
Selkirk CCLSLS 9583
Stirling CCMS, WGXWG 918
Sutherland CCNSNS 5685
West Lothian CC
(Linlithgowshire CC until 1921)
Wigtownshire CCOSHOS 672
Zetland CC (Shetland) PSPS 4080

New allocations 1963 - 1974

Several new authorities were created after April 1963, and there were no available marks for them to issue. Since the adoption of the year-letter suffix system, many areas were not using all of their allocations within each year and it was decided to withdraw London's X multiples and to award them to any new authorities to be used only with year suffix plates.
The following were allocated:

Kirkcaldy BC AXA 1A onwards April 1963
Coatbridge BC AXB 1B onwards April 1964
Solihull CBC AXC 1B onwards April 1964
Luton CBC AXD 1B onwards April 1964
Luton CBC AXE 1B onwards April 1964
Torbay CBC AXF 1F onwards April 1968

Other Changes

In April 1965, due to local authority boundary changes, the following changes were made:

  • Croydon CBC, East Ham CBC, London CC, Middlesex CBC and West Ham CC were absorbed into the Greater London Council, and the marks were issued by GLC (with regional offices).
  • Cambridgeshire CC merged with the Isle of Ely CC and the combined marks were then issued from Cambridge.
  • Huntingdon CC merged with Soke of Peterborough CC to form Huntingdon & Peterborough CC and the combined marks were issued from Peterborough.

Northern Ireland

Authority Combinations issued Final marks used
Antrim CC DZ, IA, KZ, RZ AKZ 9999 onwards
Armagh CC IB, LZ, XZ ELZ onwards
Belfast CBC AZ, CZ, EZ, FZ, GZ, MZ, OI, OZ, PZ, TZ, UZ, WZ, XI
QI, QZ (for temporary imports)
Down CC BZ, IJ, JZ, SZ AJZ onwards
Fermanagh CC IL SIL onwards
Londonderry CBC UI KUI onwards
Londonderry CC IW, NZ, YZ ANZ onwards
Tyrone CC HZ, JI, VZ AHZ onwards

Republic of Ireland 1903-1986

Carlow CCICYIC 994
Cavan CCID906 IID
Clare CCIE107 XIE
Cork CCIF, ZB, ZK999 YZK
Cork CBC & CC joint
(Replaced CBC and CC separate authorities in June 1974)
ZT9999 ZT
Donegal CCIH, ZP4853 ZP
Dublin CBCRI, YI, ZA, ZC, ZD, ZH, ZI, ZJ, ZL, ZZ*
(*= ZZ for temporary imports only)
ZL 9999
Dublin CCIK, Z, ZEZE 9999
Dublin CBC & CC joint
(Replaced CBC and CC separate authorities in February 1952)
(ASI-ZSI allocated 8/82, AZG-YZG allocated 6/83, AZS-YZS allocated 5/84)
(AZV-YZV allocated 3/85, SI, ZG and ZS in 1/86)
(ZV retained with four numbers for "age related marks")
999 YZU, ZS 8709
Galway CCIM, ZM777 GZM
Kerry CCIN, ZX375 CIN
Kildare CCIO, ZW9343 ZW
Kilkenny CCIP235 UIP
Kings County (Offaly CC) IR7384 IR
Leitrim CCITKIT 780
Limerick CBCTI929 FTI
Limerick CCIU, IV
(IV allocated by 2/82 after IU was exhausted)
999 ZIU, AIV 1- OIV 520
Longford CCIXPIX 710
Louth CCIY, ZY2507 ZY
(IS allocated in 4/83 after IZ was exhausted)
999 ZIZ, AIS 1-HIS 990
Meath CCAI, ZN 88 ZN
Monaghan CCBI6540 BI
Queens County (Laois CC)CI7342 CI
Roscommon CCDI292 BDI
Sligo CCEI835 AEI
Tipperary North RidingFI418 JFI
Tipperary South RidingGI, HI
(GI allocated in 5/85 after HI was exhausted)
999 ZHI, AGI 1-CGI 871
Waterford CBCWIWWI 80
Waterford CCKI586 AKI
Westmeath CCLI869 GLI
Wexford CCMI, ZR8071 ZR
Wicklow CCNI426 TNI

Republic of Ireland 1987 to date

In 1987 a new system came into operation, featuring a two digit number, single or double letters, followed by up to four or five serial numbers. The first two numbers indicate the year; i.e. 87 = 1987, 02 = 2002 and so on. The single or double letters indicate the registration authority, as follows:

CCork City & CountyLSLaois County
CEClare CountyMHMeath County
CNCavan CountyMNMonaghan County
CWCarlow CountyMOMayo County
DDublin City & CountyOYOffaly County
DLDonegal CountyRNRoscommon County
GGalway City & CountySOSligo County
KEKildare CountyTNTipperary North Riding
KKKilkenny CountyTSTipperary South Riding
KYKerry CountyWWaterford City
LLimerick CityWDWaterford County
LDLongford CountyWHWestmeath County
LHLouth CountyWWWicklow County
LKLimerick CountyWXWexford County
LMLeitrim County   

Since 2014, both the City and County of Limerick use 'L', the City and County of Waterford use 'W', and the County of Tipperary uses 'T'. The code 'D' is used for the City of Dublin and the Counties of Fingal, South Dublin and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown.

Single letter authorities may have serial numbers up to five digits, and double-letter authorities up to four digits. Since 2013, due to larger areas requiring digits exceeding these limits, numbers are now issued on a six-monthly basis, with '1' for the first six months and '2' for the second six months. For example [171-D-12345] and [172-D-12345] for 2017.

Although this system started in 1987, re-registrations are allowed using earlier years, e.g. a vehicle from 1964 would start its registration with '64'.


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