Chart Soccer spreadsheet coming soon

Just a heads up, if you are interested in the Chart Soccer pages, in particular the A.F.L. Chart Soccer, I plan to make a spreadsheet available in Excel format that can be used to play a version of Chart Soccer. The spreadsheet will have a 20-Team Super League, a Challenge Cup (like the F.A. Cup) starting at the 64-team stage and a European Cup also starting at the 64-team stage.

What the spreadsheet will do

The spreadsheet will be able to create a fixture list into which results can be entered, and automatically create a league table, points recorder (to help determine “form” teams) and a results table. The cup competitions will allow for teams to be allocated to draw numbers, and the matches to be auto-populated based on the draw numbers entered. As results are entered, the qualifiers for the next round will be automatically generated, and will take account of replays, penalties and, for the European Cup, aggregate scores and the away goals rule.

What the spreadsheet won’t do

The spreadsheet will not be able to

  • Generate the results – Separate dice or a dice roller spreadsheet would have to be used;
  • Make draws – These would have to be done using cards, counters or some other method (there will be an explanation of how to create a random draw generator in Excel in the user guide);
  • Create data exports – This is something I may add later, but for now I’m keeping it simple. In the meantime, screen prints will of course be possible.
When will it be available

Watch this space, I will post here soon when this becomes be available and how to obtain it.

A.F.L. Chart Soccer is back!

So here we are all in lockdown and having to find things to keep us occupied. There are plenty of things to do around the house of course, but still, it’s hard to just be doing chores all the time. So, I’m happy to report that A.F.L. Chart Soccer is back.

Some time ago, I began the 182nd season of the A.F.L., but I only got part of the way through before stopping for a break and before I knew it, months had gone past. But it has now resumed, and the latest tables have been posted on the Season 182 page.

Hopefully Chart Soccer, one of my longest standing pastimes will help me get through this very strange period. Watch this space!

Trains and stuff

One of my interests is trains, and I like to take photos and videos of them, but mainly videos. I have a YouTube channel at Transport Geek so if you are interested in these head over there and have a look. And if you like any of the videos please give them a like and perhaps even subscribe to the channel. I plan to do many more videos, although the Coronavirus restrictions may scupper that a little in the next few weeks.

Hello world!

Welcome to my first post in my new blog.

I am writing this at a very troubing time for humanity. There is a new and very virulent virus on the go, called Coronavirus (or COVID-19), and this is causing great changes to our lives. Due to the danger to people with underlying health conditions and the elderly, we must self-isolate and keep our distance from others socially as much as possible, in order to slow down the infection rate and allow the health services to cope with the new cases and those that need medical help when they contract the virus.

Our hearts go out to those in other countries, such as Italy and Spain, where the death rate is high and is climbing. And we are worried about what may happen in our own areas, whilst having to change our lives in so far as reducing or even stopping all unnecessary travel, having to work at home, businesses having to cease trading, many of which may never recover, and food becoming harder to get due to the shelves being stripped by a panicking public.

It would have been nice not to have to start this new blog in this way, but these are the times we are in, and we must get through them so that we may see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, we must occupy ourselves, either with work or with other activities such as staying healthy and keeping occupied. This blog, which I had planned prior to this crisis, is now one of the activities with which I will busy myself, and I hope to post more articles in relation to my interests as time goes on.

Thank you for reading this and in the meantime, stay safe and look after yourselves and those around you.