A·F·L Chart Soccer - Season 194

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A·F·L Chart Soccer Season 194
Premier Division Champions
Liverpool (11)
Division I Champions
Leeds United
Division II Champions
West Bromwich Albion
Division III Champions
Wigan Athletic
A·F·L Cup Final
Arsenal 2—1 Watford
Premier Cup Final
Arsenal 2—1 Norwich City
Teams in Europe
Euro League:
Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City, Millwall
Euro Cup:
West Ham, Tottenham, Newcastle
Season 193 Season 195

Season Summary

The 194th season of the A.F.L.C.S. began with the pre-season Premier Cup competition, which was won by Arsenal with a 2—1 win over Norwich City in the final. It is their seventh win of the trophy, drawing level with Manchester United for most wins in the tournament.

In the League, after a good start by Chelsea and Manchester United, Liverpool recovered from a 2—1 defeat at Crystal Palace to quickly become the in form team. Manchester United fell into a spell of poor form but Chelsea kept up the pressure on Liverpool until around the 16th matchday, after which they fell away as well, and by the halfway stage Liverpool had a 10-point lead over Arsenal, who had taken over in second place. In the second half of the season the Mersyside club did not look back, only dropping 7 points out of a possible 54 in the final 18 matches. They amassed an impressive total of 97 points and 124 goals, with a goal difference of +94. They won the title with 6 games left to go and finished 24 points ahead of runners-up Arsenal. It is their 11th A.F.L. title.

Arsenal crowned a decent season by finishing second and also winning the cup double with a 2—1 extra-time win against Watford in the final. Chelsea and Manchester United eventually finished poorly in 5th and 6th place, whilst West Ham and Leicester both performed well enough to finish 3rd and 4th and clinch places in next season's Euro League. Tottenham clinched the final Euro Cup place by finishing 7th in the table due to cup winners Asenal finishing above them in the table. At the bottom, Reading looked doomed for the drop but caught up with Burnley in the penaultimate match of the season. However, Reading lost their final match 1—0 at home to Leicester whilst a 1—1 draw at Newcastle gave Burnley the point that they needed to survive. Reading went down along with Southampton and Fulham.

In Division 1, Leeds took the title and will be accompanied back into the Premier by Everton, who clinched promotion with a draw at Preston on the final day of the season. In the play-offs, Bournemouth won after a goalless match 3—1 on penalties to return to the Premier for the first time since Season 183. At the bottom, Swansea, Doncaster and Wycombe dropped into to Division 2. In Division 2, West Brom returned to the second tier along with Peterborough United, whilst Fleetwood won promotion for the second season in a row after beating Hull City 3—2 in the play-off final after extra time. At the bottom, Sheffield Wednesday were themselves relegated for the second season in a row and find themsleves in the bottom division for the first time in a very long time. They went down with Northampton and Portsmouth. In Division 3, Wigan and Bolton took the two automatic promotion spots along with Harrogate Town, who beat Bradford City 2—0 in the play-off final to go into Division 2 for the first time in their history. At the bottom, Scunthorpe and Walsall finished in the bottom two positions and therefore dropped out of the League.


Premier Division

League Table

1Liverpool (C)38314312430+9497
2Arsenal (CW,PC)38234117040+3073
3West Ham United (EC)38208108556+2968
4Leicester City38207117043+2767
6Manchester United38188126651+1562
7Tottenham Hotspur38178137453+2159
8Newcastle United381610127364+958
9Manchester City (EL)381411135750+753
10Wolverhampton Wanderers38158155763-653
12Crystal Palace38157165161-1052
13Norwich City381311145158-750
14Aston Villa (p)38134216176-1543
15Brighton & Hove Albion (p)38117204967-1840
18Reading (R)38810204277-3534
19Southampton (R)3895244485-4132
20Fulham (R,p)3879223368-3530

 Qualified for Euro-League
 Qualified for Euro-Cup
 Relegated to Division 1

(C) Champions; (CW) AFL Cup winners; (PC) Premier Cup winners; (p) Promoted in previous season.
(EL) Winners of Euro-League; (EC) Winners of Euro-Cup.


Aston V3–43–24–23–00–34–01–20–20–20–14–02–02–11–13–33–11–22–43–0
Crystal Palace1–14–22–11–30–41–00–22–12–21–20–13–00–02–31–03–02–10–22–0
Man City0–23–22–05–10–21–02–02–00–30–00–12–22–14–13–00–22–23–30–0
Man Utd3–05–23–03–11–14–15–01–12–32–03–24–30–11–13–10–05–14–32–1
West Ham1–21–03–25–02–41–14–11–31–14–33–15–11–03–03–15–13–30–31–1

* Home team score shown first

League Positions Chart

Division I

League Table

1Leeds United (C,P)4227789854+4488
2Everton (P)42257109055+3582
3AFC Bournemouth (O,P)4224998749+3881
4Blackburn Rovers (r)42248108458+2680
6Stoke City42217147863+1570
7Derby County42209136545+2069
9Coventry City (p)421611155559-459
10Queen's Park Rangers (r)421513146662+458
11Sheffield United (r)421511166865+356
12Birmingham City (p)42168186265-356
13Nottingham Forest42158196472-853
14Huddersfield Town (p)42156215772-1551
15Bristol City421311186769-250
16Luton Town42148205159-850
17Lincoln City42148205283-3150
18Preston North End421212184664-1848
19Rotherham United421212185082-3248
20Swansea City (R)42109234884-3639
21Doncaster Rovers (R)4288264381-3832
22Wycombe Wanderers (R)4285293984-4529

 Promoted to Premier Division
 Qualified for Promotion Play-offs
 Relegated to Division 2

(P) Promoted; (O) Play-off winners; (R) Relegated; (p) Promoted in previous season; (r) Relegated in previous season.


  Barnsley 3 1  
Blackburn Rovers 3 2  
  Blackburn Rovers 0 (1)
  AFC Bournemouth 0* (3)
Stoke City 1 0
  AFC Bournemouth 1 5  

* = after extra time. () = penalties.

Division II

League Table

1West Bromwich Albion (C,P,r)4227969539+5690
2Peterborough United (P)42266108945+4484
3Fleetwood Town (O,P,p)42201487149+2274
4Hull City422012108253+2972
6Sunderland (r)421913107556+1970
7Cardiff City421910137751+2667
9Shrewsbury Town42197166957+1264
11Accrington Stanley42179165854+460
12Charlton Athletic42167195668-1255
13Cambridge United421314155773-1653
14Plymouth Argyle421118135961-251
15Burton Albion421210206578-1346
16Crewe Alexandra421210206081-2146
17Newport County (p)42135244980-3144
18Ipswich Town42119225480-2642
19Milton Keynes Dons42126246196-3542
20Sheffield Wednesday (R,r)42912214973-2439
21Northampton Town (R,p)42911225296-4438
22Portsmouth (R)4288264388-4532

 Promoted to Division 1
 Qualified for Promotion Play-offs
 Relegated to Division 3

(P) Promoted; (O) Play-off winners; (R) Relegated; (p) Promoted in previous season; (r) Relegated in previous season.


  Gillingham 0 0  
Hull City 1 0  
  Hull City 2
  Fleetwood Town 3*
Sunderland 0 2
  Fleetwood Town 3 2  

* = after extra time

Division III

League Table

1Wigan Athletic (C,P)42306611545+7096
2Bolton Wanderers (P)42289510244+5893
3Harrogate Town (O,P)42236137757+2075
4Bradford City (p)422111106555+1074
5Rochdale (r)422010126748+1970
6Oxford United (r)421911126944+2568
7Forest Green Rovers421911126147+1468
8Exeter City421813117459+1567
9Port Vale421910136767067
10Cheltenham Town421810146649+1764
11AFC Wimbledon421712136454+1063
12Swindon Town (r)421611157059+1159
13Colchester United42178177773+459
14Crawley Town42173225571-1654
15Oldham Athletic421411174854-653
16Bristol Rovers421311185970-1150
17Salford City42117245590-3540
18Carlisle United42910235079-2937
19Tranmere Rovers4299244984-3536
20Hartlepool United (p)4288264191-5032
21Scunthorpe United (R)4287274493-4931
22Walsall (R)42610264789-4228

 Promoted to Division 2
 Qualified for Promotion Play-offs
 Relegated from League

(P) Promoted; (O) Play-off winners; (R) Relegated; (p) Promoted in previous season; (r) Relegated in previous season.


  Rochdale 0 0  
Bradford City 2 4  
  Bradford City 0
  Harrogate Town 2
Oxford United 3 3
  Harrogate Town 3 4  

* = after extra time; Penalties in brackets.

Premier Cup

A·F·L Cup

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