A·F·L Chart Soccer - Season 185

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A·F·L Chart Soccer Season 185
Premier Division Champions
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Division One Champions
Division Two Champions
Preston North End
Division Three Champions
AFC Wimbledon
A·F·L Cup
Premier Cup
Manchester United
Teams in Europe
Southampton, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Brighton & Hove Albion, Arsenal
Season 184 Season 186

Season Summary

Season 185 of A·F·L Chart Soccer began with the pre-season Premier Cup tournament, which was won by Manchester United, who defeated Liverpool 2–1.

The Premier Division title was won by Wolverhampton Wanderers in their first season back in the top division since being promoted last season, the first time this has happened since Manchester City in Season 68. Brighton were the early pace-setters, followed by Wolves, Manchester United and Tottenham. In the second half of the season Wolves pulled ahead and after 32 games they had a 7 point lead over Tottenham and Brighton. Despite faltering slightly on the run-in, Brighton and Tottenham also gave up some points, and Wolves clinched the title with two games left to play with a 4—1 win at Leeds, whilst Spurs and Brighton both lost. For Wolves themselves, this is their eighth title, but six of the previous seven were won in the first 100 seasons of the AFL and the seventh was as long ago as Season 101, so this is an unexpected although welcome return to the big time.

Behind Wolves, the race for second place was eventually won by Liverpool, who had an impressive run-in and may even have challenged for the title if they had not left it so late. Brighton finished third and thus won a place in the Euro-League. Tottenham, after challenging for the title for most of the second half of the season, faded badly and finished fourth, and thus qualified for the Euro-Cup. Behind them, Manchester City had looked set to gain a Euro-Cup spot but were pipped by their city rivals Manchester United in the final game of the season. The third Euro-Cup spot was won by Chelsea, who won the AFL Cup against Newcastle from Division One in the final.

At the bottom, Crystal Palace never really got going and always looked likely to take the drop, and the battle was to avoid the remaining two relegation places. At the end, Leicester, Ipswich, Cardiff and Swansea could all still have gone down. Ultimately, the two Welsh sides survived with 2—1 wins at Southampton, for Swansea, and at already crowned champions Wolves, for Cardiff, on the last day of the season. Ipswich's 1—3 loss at home to East Anglia rivals Norwich and Leicester with the same score at home to West Ham sealed their fate.

In Division One, Everton and Aston Villa made immediate returns to the top flight, while Newcastle United returned after three seasons in the second tier.

Premier Division

League Table

1Wolverhampton Wanderers (C,p)3825769054+3682
3Brighton & Hove Albion38243119254+3875
4Tottenham Hotspur38233128158+2372
5Manchester United381810108058+2264
6Manchester City38196138661+2563
7West Ham United38188125949+1062
10Chelsea (CW)38167156356+755
11Norwich City (p)38165176576-1153
12Sheffield United381211155755+247
14Leeds United (p)38116214881-3339
16Cardiff City38813174673-2737
17Swansea City38107215085-3537
18Ipswich Town (R)3898213973-3435
19Leicester City (R)3895245682-2632
20Crystal Palace (R)3887234374-3131


(C) Champions; (CW) Cup winners; (p) Promoted in previous season.


Crystal Palace1–11–42–13–01–00–30–21–21–31–12–30–21–10–24–13–42–10–33–0
Man City5–24–15–03–32–04–22–02–02–32–24–00–12–05–13–21–33–21–30–0
Man Utd4–14–23–13–20–00–24–22–12–01–36–10–01–12–15–23–35–11–31–3
Sheff Utd0–20–22–21–23–02–05–01–01–21–11–11–22–32–13–11–12–32–00–1
West Ham1–00–24–01–11–01–10–11–33–22–12–24–21–13–11–00–11–02–10–4

* Home team score shown first

Positions by Round

Division I

League Table

1Everton (P,r)42313810852+5696
2Newcastle United (P)4230668542+4396
3Aston Villa (O,r)42251169243+4986
4Fulham (r)42231098452+3279
6West Bromwich Albion42229118554+3175
7Sheffield Wednesday42217147350+2370
9Charlton Athletic421510175553+255
10Derby County421510176363055
11Barnsley (p)42158196067-753
13Hull City42164224679-3352
14AFC Bournemouth421312176172-1151
15Bristol City421310195271-1949
16Sunderland (p)42147214776-2949
17Stoke City42138216281-1947
18Birmingham City42128226170-944
19Queen's Park Rangers42128224879-3144
20Huddersfield Town (R)42116256182-2139
21Wigan Athletic (R,p)4299245790-3336
22Southend United (R)4269274185-4427

 Promotion Play-offs

(P) Promoted; (O) Play-off winners; (R) Relegated; (p) Promoted in previous season; (r) Relegated in previous season.


  West Bromwich Albion 0 1  
Aston Villa 1 3  
  Aston Villa 1
  Brentford 0
Brentford 2 0
  Fulham 1 0  

Division II

League Table

1Preston North End (P)4226797440+3485
2Middlesbrough (P,r)42221467538+3780
3Nottingham Forest (O,r)42255127949+3080
4Blackburn Rovers42236138951+3875
5Wycombe Wanderers42218136654+1271
6Doncaster Rovers421712136455+963
7Fleetwood Town (p)42188166770-362
8Peterborough United421710158071+961
9Millwall (r)421612147061+960
10Newport County (p)421612146262060
11Coventry City42186185658-260
12Luton Town42177186456+858
13Rotherham United42177186459+558
14Tranmere Rovers42177185562-758
15Bolton Wanderers42168186977-856
16Shrewsbury Town42159184954-554
18Accrington Stanley (p)42149197075-551
19Crewe Alexandra421210205481-2746
20Bristol Rovers (R)42109234473-2939
21Oxford United (R)4288264092-5232
22Bury (R)4286284281-3930

 Promotion Play-offs

(P) Promoted; (O) Play-off winners; (R) Relegated; (p) Promoted in previous season; (r) Relegated in previous season.


  Doncaster Rovers 3 0  
Nottingham Forest 4 0  
  Nottingham Forest 1
  Blackburn Rovers 0
Wycombe Wanderers 0 2
  Blackburn Rovers 2 1  

Division III

League Table

1AFC Wimbledon (P,r)42265117546+2983
2Exeter City (P)42241087242+3082
3Milton Keynes Dons (O)4224998842+4681
4Burton Albion4224998643+4381
5Blackpool (r)42256118441+4381
6Scunthorpe United42238117961+1877
8Lincoln City421912118356+2769
10Swindon Town421512155653+357
11Northampton Town (r)421216145348+552
12Plymouth Argyle421313165976-1752
13Port Vale (p)42156216379-1651
14Forest Green Rovers421311186469-550
15Bradford City421311185662-650
16Grimsby Town42138215173-2247
17Mansfield Town421113185274-2246
18Crawley Town421210204877-2946
19Yeovil Town4299244788-4136
20Colchester United4289254682-3633
21Oldham Athletic (R)4289254092-5233
22Cambridge United (R,p)42610264091-5128

 Promotion Play-offs

(P) Promoted; (O) Play-off winners; (R) Relegated; (p) Promoted in previous season; (r) Relegated in previous season.


  Scunthorpe United 0 1  
Milton Keynes Dons 1 2  
  Milton Keynes Dons 2
  Burton Albion 1
Blackpool 1 2
  Burton Albion 2 3  

Premier Cup

A·F·L Cup

Clubs in Europe

Euro-League: Group H AS Monaco 1—0* 0—3
Euro-League: Group H Galatasaray 3—3 0—1*
Euro-League: Group H Bayern München 0—1 3—0*
Finished third in group, transferred to Euro-Cup
Euro-Cup: Preliminary Knockout Round 1899 Hoffenheim 2—4 0—2*

Manchester United
Euro-League: Group G AS Roma 2—3 1—1*
Euro-League: Group G Slavia Praha 5—1* 1—2
Euro-League: Group G Club Brugge 3—3 5—1*
Finished third in group, transferred to Euro-Cup
Euro-Cup: Preliminary Knockout Round FK Jablonec 2—2 3—1*
Euro-Cup: Round of 16 Olympique Lyon 1—2* 1—0

Manchester City
Euro-League: Group B Benfica 1—3 0—1*
Euro-League: Group B Dinamo Kiev 2—0* 2—3
Euro-League: Group B APOEL Nicosia 2—1* 3—3
Finished third in group, transferred to Euro-Cup
Euro-Cup: Preliminary Knockout Round Fenerbahçe 2—0 0—0*
Euro-Cup: Round of 16 Borussia Dortmund 2—2* 2—0
Euro-Cup: Quarter-Final Olympique Lyon 3—2 3—1*
Euro-Cup: Semi-Final Liverpool 2—2 1—3*

Euro-Cup: Group C AIK Stockholm 5—0* 4—2
Euro-Cup: Group C Vorskla Poltava 1—1 2—2*
Euro-Cup: Group C Sporting CP Lisbon 4—3 5—0*
Euro-Cup: Round of 16 AA Gent 2—1 0—0*
Euro-Cup: Quarter-Final 1899 Hoffenheim 4—1* 3—3
Euro-Cup: Semi-Final Manchester City 2—2* 3—1
Euro-Cup: Final Arsenal 3—0  

Brighton & Hove Albion
Euro-Cup: First Qualifying Round Sigma Olomouc 1—1* 4—0
Euro-Cup: Second Qualifying Round Feyenoord 3—0 4—1*
Euro-Cup: Group B Sturm Graz 1—1* 1—2
Euro-Cup: Group B Borussia Dortmund 1—2* 0—4
Euro-Cup: Group B FK Jablonec 2—2* 0—1

Euro-Cup: Group A FK Krasnodar 1—2 4—0
Euro-Cup: Group A FC Midtjylland 2—1* 1—1
Euro-Cup: Group A Motherwell 1—2 6—0*
Euro-Cup: Preliminary Knockout Round Vorskla Poltava 1—1 4—0*
Euro-Cup: Round of 16 FK Krasnodar 4—0* 0—0
Euro-Cup: Quarter-Final Bayer Leverkusen 3—2 1—1*
Euro-Cup: Semi-Final Valencia 3—2* 2—1
Euro-Cup: Final Arsenal 0—3  

* = Home tie

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