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Welcome to the A·F·L Chart Soccer web site. The A·F·L (Assocation Football League) is a simulated football league based on the RL English leagues, which were originally played using dice from the vintage LOGacta dice game from the 1970s, but is now more often played using electronic methods such as Excel spreadsheets. The aim of this site is mainly for me to have an electronic archive of as much of the data I have collected over the years as possible, most of which currently exists only in paper format. It may also be of interest to others who like to play these sort of games in their spare time.

The A·F·L has been played since 1979, and thus has a great deal of history. Click here for more about the history of A·F·L Chart Soccer.

The current setup of the league is similar to the real-life English leagues. I play out a 20-team Premier League, i.e. 380 matches a season, and use computed results for the remaining divisions (Divisions One, Two and Three), which have 22 teams each with 3-up/3-down promotion relegation. Two teams are relegated from the league each season and replaced with two non-league teams. A small pre-season competition, the Premier Cup, is played at the start of the season amongst the Premier League clubs only, and the A·F·L Cup is a knockout competition played by all 86 league teams.

The most detailed records are from the latest seasons and individual seasons from Season 151 can be accessed using the links below. Some details of earlier seasons are also available, such as cup finals and league honours list, and these are available via the links towards the bottom of the page.

Recent Records

A·F·L Seasons (Champions)

  • Season 151 (Liverpool)
  • Season 176 (Man Utd)
  • Season 152 (Liverpool)
  • Season 177 (Tottenham)
  • Season 153 (Man Utd)
  • Season 178 (Chelsea)
  • Season 154 (Arsenal)
  • Season 179 (Tottenham)
  • Season 155 (Arsenal)
  • Season 180 (Tottenham)
  • Season 156 (Chelsea)
  • Season 181 (Chelsea)
  • Season 157 (Man City)
  • Season 182 (Man City)
  • Season 158 (Man City)
  • Season 183 (Chelsea)
  • Season 159 (Arsenal)
  • Season 184 (Southampton)
  • Season 160 (Chelsea)
  • Season 185 (Wolves)
  • Season 161 (Arsenal)
  • Season 186 (Wolves)
  • Season 162 (Arsenal)
  • Season 164 (Chelsea)
  • Season 165 (Chelsea)
  • Season 166 (Arsenal)
  • Season 167 (Arsenal)
  • Season 168 (Liverpool)
  • Season 169 (Chelsea)
  • Season 170 (Chelsea)
  • Season 171 (Tottenham)
  • Season 172 (Tottenham)
  • Season 173 (Liverpool)
  • Season 174 (Chelsea)
  • Season 175 (Tottenham)

    Historic Records

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