New Chart Soccer Coming Soon

A new version of Chart Soccer is coming soon. The new version will be called “Grid Soccer”, and it will be a more comprehensive version than the current version. The main features of the new version will be:

  • Use of “grids” to work out fixtures and enter results, rather than a list of fixtures. This will make it easier as it will be possible to print out a grid on one sheet of paper and use it to record results, but there will also be the ability to enter them on screen as well, so that accurate league tables are calculated;
  • Grids for a 20-team Premier League and three 24-team divisions, to reflect the modern setup in England;
  • A Challenge Cup and a League Cup, both starting at the “Round of 64” stage;
  • Champions League (starting at the group stage) and Europa League (starting at the “Round of 32” stage);
  • World Cup comprising 32 teams;
  • Euro Championship comprising 24 teams;
  • All tournaments can be played on screen or using the printouts or both in conjunction.

The game is still in production but I hope to have it complete very soon. I will post here when it is available.

All the best.

5 thoughts on “New Chart Soccer Coming Soon”

  1. This sounds excellent!

    As an owner of your original chart soccer spreadsheet, I’m sure this expanded version will be another ‘must have’ for my gaming collection.

    I’ve actually created something similar, using the English league set-up, a cup competition for the 92 clubs and two European competitions consisting of eight groups each followed by the knock out stages.

    It took ages to work out how to create the formulas for the league tables. For creating fixtures I’ve found a program that will create them in excel which can then be just pasted into the sheets I’ve created myself.


    1. That sounds really good David.

      Yes, the formulas can be quite tricky but once they’re worked out you can bulk apply them in the spreadsheet.

      My new one won’t use a fixture list like the first one did, it will be using the grids, which is simpler for printing and also recording the results. I’m hoping it will be useful for some.


  2. Look forward to this Alex, although I am doing my own version for personal use (I’m forever changing it and trying to improve it), I will be very much interested on how the new fixtures will work. Having Excel 365 I tend to use Xlookup a lot in my formulas. Not everyone has got 365, so you no doubt have to consider this in your spreadsheets for commercial use.

    I tend to tinker too much on doing the spreadsheets then play the game recently!!


    1. Hi Mark

      Yes, I had a look at Xlookup after you mentioned it and it is very powerful and I will probably start using it in my own spreadsheets. But as you say, a lot of folk won’t have 365 so I have to bear that in mind.

      I’m a tinkerer with spreadsheets too. It’s something I enjoy doing and have sheets for everything from my budget to my energy usage, lol.


  3. Hi Alex,

    In my craziness I am in the process of doing the FA Cup right from the beginning! Some of the team names are quite amusing. 368 Teams in the Extra preliminary round to start off with from Level 9 and 10 leagues. I’ve had to split the whole of it onto 3 spreadsheets to try and make it easier.

    The beauty of Xlookup is that if you delete rows or columns on your spreadsheet the formulas don’t get broken unlike Vlookup.

    Spreadsheets can be addictive, I wonder if there is a “Spreadsheet anonymous” Lol.



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