Issues in Chart Soccer v2.3

If you have v2.3 of the Chart Soccer spreadsheet bought from eBay, there were some issues with that version. The main issue was that the file size was around 17MB, which caused the file to take a long time to load and save and it would sometimes freeze as well. These issues have now been resolved in v2.4.

I have also created a new version of the League Position Chart, which covers two sides of an A4 sheet instead of one. This allows for larger boxes to fit the teams in than before, and is available with the new version.

If anyone would like a copy of this new version, please let me know via messaging on eBay, and I will send you the new download link. If that doesn’t work, leave me a message here and I will try and sort something out.

Alex (Midlife Geek)

14 thoughts on “Issues in Chart Soccer v2.3”

  1. Hi Alex
    I noticed in your new E-Bay verison ( very nice layout BTW) that in the Points Recorder Sheet after 6 games two boxes were highlighted yellow. I assume to indicate Form Dice for the next set of games?
    Are you using Conditonal Formatting for the Period Total (i.e. >13 MD 1 to 6) and are the Period Totals for the form dice 6, 12, 18 and 24 which sort of makes sense for a 30 game season.

    1. Hi Kevin

      Yes, there is conditional formatting in the form period totals columns so that the team or teams with the highest total are highlighted in yellow. The boxes that are highlighted already are because I had input some results just to test it out. Obviously these should be removed before you start using it for your own seasons.

      I’m not sure I’m understanding your second paragraph exactly. The first form period is games 1-6, when up to 18 points can be won. After that the period totals are every four games, up to match day 38, as it’s a 20-team league.

      I just made it this way because that’s how I was doing it myself it at the time, but I think it should be changed to every 4 games from match day 1, because the print-out version of the points recorder is done that way (with the dark green background at match days 4, 8, 12 etc), and I’ve just realised there is a bit of a discrepancy between the two. I assume, though, that people are either not using them or are just improvising and using them whichever way suits them, which is fine.


  2. Silly me! Of course its a 20 team league. I’m a bit of an expert at confusing people especially my wife 🙂
    Thanks though for the explanation. I’m always looking to improve on my own set up and consider yours the “Gold Standard”, hence all my questions and comments I send!
    Have you started SSL 189 yet?

    1. Ha ha, no problem Kevin. Thanks for your comment about the Gold Standard. That’s really nice to hear as even I don’t think my stuff is perfect and am always looking to improve them, so any suggestions are always welcome.

      Yes, I started it yesterday and I’ve done 8 match days. The first four are up on the web site – I’ll post the rest tonight. 🙂

      I know we’re all into football, or soccer, but at the moment I’m watching the baseball, as I have always been a fan of that sport. As the games are on at weird times for us (basically overnight), I record them and watch them the next evening, so I am in the middle of watching game 5 of the World Series as I speak. 😉

  3. Hey that’s nice to hear you are interested in baseball. Before I moved to Canada I did exactly the same thing but with the NFL. I started watching on Channel 4 in 1982 I think?? It’s funny I was hooked on American sports when I lived in England and now I’m “over here” the reverse is true. I do watch baseball from time to time with the Blue Jays my local team, just 20 minutes away on the train.

    1. Yep, I’m into NFL as well, in a big way (Packers fan). Like you I got into it via Ch4’s coverage in the 1980s. Was lucky enough to see one of the International Series games between the 49ers and the Broncos, which was fun. I’d love to see a game in the States though, but I doubt that will ever happen.

      The only MLB games I have seen were a double-header in Boston against the Detroit Tigers (the double-header due to the previous day’s game being rained off). I remember because of that it went on until the wee small hours and we had to leave early because the last tram into town was due. That was 1993, which of course was the second of the Blue Jays’ championships that year.

      We did manage to visit the Blue Jays’ stadium in 1992 when were in Toronto, but they were “on the road” at the time so there were no games. The best game I saw was in Vancouver in 1992 – can’t remember who they were playing but it went on until after midnight as well, much to the chagrin of my cousin who had to pick us up to take us home and he had to work the next day. Oops! 😳

      Anyway, I´ll stop rambling now, lol.


  4. Hi Alex,

    Hope you are well.

    I see conditional formatting as been mentioned. I have been trying this morning to get a home win to show in blue text and a draw in red text on my fixtures and results chart. I’ve googled it, googled it again and then googled it a tad more without luck so far. I don’t even know if it’s even possible to do.

    Anyway, have you a website that you know of that might help or if you have any ideas you could throw my way.

    Thanks for any input you can come with in advance.



    1. Hi Mark

      Yes, it should be possible. What format are the scores in in the cells? Are they in one cell and separated by a dash or something, e.g. 2-1 etc, or are they single numbers in separate cells.

      I’ve put a couple of links to sites explaining conditional formatting below. The first one is quite basic, but the second one is very comprehensive. If the scores are in separate cells you can use relatively straightforward rules, but if they are in one cell with a dash or whatever it gets more complicated.


      1. Hi Alex,

        All sorted after a bit of playing around, thanks for the links.

        Now I have the conditional formatting bug, I am going to have a look at what else I can play with.

        Also I have been playing around with the IFS function, think I prefer the nested IF way, I can’t work out how to keep a cell blank when the the target cell is blank. I have done it with nested IF but not IFS. Well I am IFFED out now, lol.

        Thanks once again for your help Alex.


  5. Hi. Fellow LOGacta geek here.

    I too have programmed an Excel version of LOGacta. It does everything for you (it creates a fixture list and tells you which dice to use) and automatically fills in all the charts in the original format. You can even run a macro to throw the dice, and it does the cup draws. You can run an entire season in about twenty minutes.

    It has some ‘house rules’. Teams can be rated from 1 to 5 and matchsets 1 to 4 plus four others during the season are run as ‘cup games’ as opposed to league points difference. This is to help form carry over from one season to the next.

    I did this as I currently running a retro league too, starting in 1888-89. I started by hand but this got boring so used my programming skills. I have just run S14. As a Nottingham Forest fan S13 was a disaster – they got relegated and Notts County completed a hat-trick of title wins. Glad to say Forest got promoted in S14.

    Good luck!


    1. That sounds great Peter, especially the automation that you’ve included in the spreadsheets.

      I have had a high level of automation in mine too, but lately I have preferred working some of it at least by hand, as it keeps me involved in how all the teams are doing, whereas sometimes that is lost a bit with a high level of automation. However, I can see how it helps with lengthy seasons to take away the hard work that sometimes goes with them.


  6. Hi Alex,

    Just a quick question. In the European Cup you have some teams rated a 6. 1 v 6 is a pink die v a yellow die. I have an app on my phone where I have recreated the Logacta Dice (I have my own set that I made years ago which I still use). I want to recreate the pink die, what are the six values of the pink die, is it just a normal die, 1 to 6?



    1. Further to my previous comment, up to now I’ve never used the pink die, but today I decided to start using it for 1 v 5 ratings or the equivalent when using points for ratings. It reduces the chances of those shock results when there is a large gap between the teams in terms of ratings, which seem to happen to with alarming regularity using the green die versus the yellow die. With the pink die the chances of a loss for the higher rated team is still there but much reduced, so it’s a bit more realistic I think. Plus also, there is then the chance of a score of 6, which normally doesn’t happen unless the higher rated team is the “in form” team.

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