Retro League Season 07

A new season has begun for the Retro League. This time we are covering the 1961-62 season, which was notable because newly promoted Ipswich Town, a small town club managed by the later England World Cup winning manager, Sir Alf Ramsay, won the First Division title. Can they win in the Retro League also, or will Spurs retain their title from last season?

Keep tabs on this new season here.

9 thoughts on “Retro League Season 07”

  1. Hi Alex
    Nice “double” for Spurs in picking up the Retro FL and European Cup. I guess it’s back to the SSL next?


    1. Thanks Kevin. Yeah, I was hoping that Burnley would win the F.A. Cup as well, to make their own double, but that didn’t happen.

      Yup, SSL next. I did think about doing a World Cup but it’s a lot of work to organise, and I don’t seem to have as much time just now as I did back in March/April.

      It will be interesting to see if Celtic can successfully defend their treble from last season, or if Rangers can make inroads. It’s strange how the dice always seem to favour Celtic even though they are not given any particular advantage in ratings.


      1. I was wondering about the World Cup but didn’t like to pester you after I initially asked. Fully understand why not as this hobby can be time consuming, especially setting up 🙂
        Really enjoying the Retro League and as always looking forward to your next updates from Scotland!
        Yes, it is funny how dice favor some teams as I’m experiencing a similar situation in now what is my 12th season! Given my personality I didn’t expect to get this far and fully anticipated the whole thing being scrapped after about 5 seasons. But here we are!

        Anyway, have a great Sunday and happy rolling!

  2. Hi there Alex,
    So no treble for Celtic this season after that Summer Cup defeat.
    Anyway, when you post on Facebook your tables and cup competitions always look nicely formatted and to scale with your post. Mine always look “big” and sort of “punchy”. I’m just wondering how you scale your picture uploads?


    PS. I’m just using Snip It and then saving the picture from the Excel screenshot and uploading.

    1. Hi Kevin. No, I just screenshot the spreadsheet using the Mac’s inbuilt screenshot option, and then upload it to Facebook as part of the post.

      I did notice though that if I used my iPad to take the screenshot it came out oversized on Facebook, Gary Banks (FB group member) mentioned it once, whereas if I use my computer it works fine. So, it’s more down to luck really rather than anything I’m doing to scale it.


      1. Okay thanks Alex. Appreciate the quick reply as I’m close to doing a mid season upload.


  3. Hi Alex
    Exciting end to Season 9 developing in the Retro League. 3 way tie at the top of Division One with Spurs going for the double. A Midlands derby in the FA Cup quarter finals and its Spain v Scotland in European competitions. Great stuff as always!

    1. Thanks Kevin. Yes, it was shaping up for an interesting finish. The season is now complete and I will be putting up the info shortly. Suffice to say Spurs didn’t get the double. They dropped ppints in the run-in and a draw in the penultimate game meant that they couldn’t catch up in the last match of the season against Liverpool themselves, and they lost that game anyway, and they were knocked out in the FA Cup quarter-finals. And the three Scottish teams all got knocked out in their European ties.

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