Update for Chart Soccer Spreadsheet

Hi all

A small bug has been identified in the Chart Soccer spreadsheet relating to penalties, specifically in the Challenge Cup First Round. This is causing the wrong team to be advanced to the next round if the original away team (i.e. the home team in the replay) wins on penalties.

I have resolved the bug and there is a new version (v2.2) available. If you want to download the new version please contact me via eBay message and I will send you the link to the new version.


2 thoughts on “Update for Chart Soccer Spreadsheet”

  1. Hi.
    I have made dice for this gane, i initialy bought blank 22mm white dice and laser etched the correct scores as per the web site into the dice then used coloured pens to fill in the etched number.
    I am thinking of making more for Logacta?

    1. Hi Steve

      Sorry, I have only just seen this as the notification email went into my spam folder for some reason.

      Sounds like a good idea to have your own dice made. I would like to do the same but have never known where to get the dice or how to get them etched. 22mm is slightly too big for me though, I prefer smaller dice such as 12mm or so, which is why I currently just use ordinary dice with dots as they are smaller and easier to handle.


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