European Season 184

The European competitions for Season 184 have been completed and the details can be viewed at and

This season I have added a group stage to the Euro-Cup along with transfers for certain teams from the Euro-League to the Euro-Cup as a consolation route. The eight losers in the Euro-League Play-off Round go into the Euro-Cup group stage, and the third-placed teams in the Euro-League groups go into the Euro-Cup, where they play the second-placed teams from the Euro-Cup in a preliminary knockout round. This latter setup emulates the proposed Europa League setup from 2021, with the extra round inserted between the group stage and the Round of 16.

In the Euro-League, the three English clubs were Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool. The latter club finished third in their group and transferred to the Euro-Cup. The other two, Manchester City and Chelsea, progressed to the knockout stages of the Euro-League and both reached the final, where City won 3—1.

The two Scottish sides, Aberdeen and Rangers, did well to finish third in their groups and therefore also moved into the Euro-Cup knockout stages. Rangers reached the Round of 16, where they were soundly beaten by Tottenham Hotspur, but Aberdeen went one better and reached the Quarter-Final, where they were narrowly beaten by West Ham United.

The Scottish clubs in the Euro-Cup were Livingston and Motherwell, who were both eliminated before the group stage. The English clubs were Brighton & Hove Albion, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United. Brighton were eliminated in the group stage, but the other two progressed to the knockout rounds where they were joined, as previously mentioned, by Liverpool from the Euro-League.

Liverpool were eliminated by Ajax in the Quarter-Final but the other two clubs reached the semis and another all-English final looked on the cards. Both clubs won their away matches against Ajax and Roma, but Tottenham lost by two goals at home to Roma and lost on aggregate. West Ham also lost by the same score that they had beaten Ajax with in the first leg, so the game went to extra time, where each club scored once more, and thus West Ham were knocked out on away goals, a rather cruel outcome for the East London club.

The final was contested by Ajax and Roma, and despite a valiant effort by Ajax, Roma won the match 3—2.

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  1. Hi Alex
    Desperately unlucky for West Ham. Nice touch with the addition of the group stage for the Euro Cup. A few extra rolls of the dice but that’s offset by the entertainment factor and added realism. Great work!

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