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  1. Hi Alex,
    Got your chart soccer spreadsheet thanks. Managed to copy into Google sheets so can access anywhere.
    One question -re ratings; how low can the ratings go to? You suggest a starting point of 1-5 ratings spread over 4 teams each, could I go lower than 5? Also I was also thinking of changing the ratings halfway through the season as per transfer window etc with a 6D roll per team with say 1 lose a level, 6 gain a level, anything else remains the same. Is this possible and would not cause any formula errors?

    1. Hi Gary

      There are no ratings programmed into the spreadsheet, so you can choose to use whatever ratings you wish. So the answer to both your questions is “yes”, feel free to improvise as you wish. Your idea of a mid-season reshuffle based on dice rolls is an excellent one that I think would be worth doing just to spice things up. I have seen other games where you roll dice regularly to reflect changes in form due to injuries, suspensions and even transfers, so this could easily be applied to this game also.


  2. Hi Alex,
    Hope your keeping well.
    Found a little bug in the Cup. when entering Penalties, the first team will go through once you put a figure in there. So even if they lose for instance 4-5, they would go through to the next round.
    For instance, I had a cup match that ended Team A 2-2 Team B, went to a replay that ended Team B 1-1 Team A, done ET and the final score was Team B 2-2 Team A, so to penalties, the Home team (B) in the replay won 3-1 on pens, but recorded as 1-3 because the Away team (A) was the original home team in first match, but the Away team (A) went through to the next round. If you however you leave the field blank for Team A then put 3 (in this example) for Team B, Team B goes through which is fine.

  3. can you add an automatic dice roller into this spreadsheet,so that it would be more convenient?

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