Hello world!

Welcome to my first post in my new blog.

I am writing this at a very troubing time for humanity. There is a new and very virulent virus on the go, called Coronavirus (or COVID-19), and this is causing great changes to our lives. Due to the danger to people with underlying health conditions and the elderly, we must self-isolate and keep our distance from others socially as much as possible, in order to slow down the infection rate and allow the health services to cope with the new cases and those that need medical help when they contract the virus.

Our hearts go out to those in other countries, such as Italy and Spain, where the death rate is high and is climbing. And we are worried about what may happen in our own areas, whilst having to change our lives in so far as reducing or even stopping all unnecessary travel, having to work at home, businesses having to cease trading, many of which may never recover, and food becoming harder to get due to the shelves being stripped by a panicking public.

It would have been nice not to have to start this new blog in this way, but these are the times we are in, and we must get through them so that we may see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, we must occupy ourselves, either with work or with other activities such as staying healthy and keeping occupied. This blog, which I had planned prior to this crisis, is now one of the activities with which I will busy myself, and I hope to post more articles in relation to my interests as time goes on.

Thank you for reading this and in the meantime, stay safe and look after yourselves and those around you.

6 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Hi. Only a few months a go, I found your maps of historic Scottish Provinces whilst doing some research on history of British admin divisions. I copied the link (https://alexmidd.co.uk/counties/Scotland/provinces.html) but now it seems that it no longer works due to the new website (congrats by the way). I was wondering whether you are planning on reuploading these maps as they were really good quality.


    1. Hi Jordan

      My apologies. In updating the website I hadn’t got round to doing these maps again, in fact I wasn’t sure if anyone was interested in them. But if you bear with me I’ll reinstate them asap. I must get the last couple of maps (for the south of Scotland) done sometime too, lol.

      All the best, and thanks for the interest in the maps.


    2. Hi Jordan

      That’s the site updated now. The link to the index page is now on the Home page under “Historic Counties and Provinces”.

      All the best.


      1. Brilliant! Thank you.

        Yeah, there are basically no good maps for the Scottish Provinces, as much focus is placed on the shires which were much less used for administrative purposes than their English counterparts. Yours were good and detailed and matched up with other info I’ve seen.

        1. No problem Jordan. I’m glad that they are useful for you and it’s nice to know that they are matching up with information elsewhere.

          All the best.


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